Design and manufacture of ready-to-assemble products.

Turnkey projects

At Mexa Cover we offer optimal solutions in the manufacture of paints and insulating materials. We have a specialized team with extensive experience in the sector that works every day to cover all the needs of our clients. You can find us in Hostalric, province of Girona, where we have all the appropriate means to design and manufacture prototypes of top quality products. We are specialists in maximizing comfort and protection for manufacturers and users of industrial transport and heavy machinery.


In our company, we develop our own products under strict quality controls with the aim of achieving the best results for the satisfaction of our customers.

Mexa Cover almacén Mexa Cover recorte de asilante

The "all-in-one" isolated and finished components that we design, develop and execute Mexa Cover, to be assembled on manufacturing lines, guarantee a reduction in costs and simplification of customer processes.

As a comprehensive service company, we take care of carrying out all the assembly processes: product design, prototypes, engineering and manufacturing.


The range of materials with which we work Mexa Cover with: wood, metal, composite, polyester, contact glues, providing the company with extensive knowledge in support systems for thermal and acoustic insulation; in addition to the support for water and solvent based technical coatings.

Manufacture and assembly of insulating components ready for assembly.