State-of-the-art thermal and acoustic insulation

 For a perfect ride, a pleasant temperature.

Water-based technical coatings with high performance and proven success

To extend the life of equipment, protective paints.

Tailor-made projects integrating service know-how and solutions

Self-supporting, insulated and finished parts.

We understand your needs. We help you save costs and time; we guarantee excellence.

Professionals at your service.

 La empresa  

Mexa Cover we are manufacturers of industrial coatings with almost 30 years of experience in the sector. From our facilities in Hostalric we have all the means necessary to meet the needs of our customers. We design, manufacture and market insulating and soundproofing paints and


We offer top quality products at the service of all our customers: start-up (audits, designs, prototypes), manufacture (tooling, assembly, racking) and post service (start-up and maintenance); guaranteeing quality and service; making Mexa Cover a strategic supplier for its customers.


We have been certified in business management by TUV Rheinland in ISO 9001: 2015 (ESP, ENG) since 2003 and our products are certified by Idiada-Applus and Warrington Fire (R118.02, M1, F0,...) to guarantee compliance with the requirements of the market in which Mexa Cover is a specialist.

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What makes us different?

  1. Almost 30 years of experience in industry and transport vehicles.
    Design and manufacture and a network of highly qualified suppliers.
    Expert in the development and industrialisation of processes.
    Constant support to the manufacturing chain of its customers.
    Professional team: Technical Office and Laboratory to create and design.
    Certified ISO 9001:2015, IDIADA and Warrington Fire.
    Creation of integral solutions: easy to implement and high performance.
    Supply of products, services and processes in Europe.
    Distributors and logistics warehouses close to its customers.
    Maximising comfort and protection for users and operators.






Mexa Cover fabrica

Mexa Cover

Mexa Cover was founded in 1994 and is the evolution of MEXACO, a company that manufactured industrial coatings and glues in the sixties. 


From the beginning we developed our own technology, creating unique and efficient solutions thanks to the know-how of the R&D and Engineering Departments.


More than two decades ago, we started a second line of business focused on thermal and acoustic insulation, in response to the new market demand for energy savings and improved acoustic comfort.


Today, Mexa Cover develops special protective coatings (technical paints) for industry and construction, thermal and acoustic insulation to guarantee user comfort, and insulated components for assembly lines.

  • Chemical Laboratory
    Paint manufacturing and packaging machines
    Paint booths
    Drying ovens

Mexa Coverhas a team of qualified professionals and a network of highly specialised suppliers that guarantees success with all market players (large, small and medium-sized companies) in the commercial vehi.


Mexa Cover has supplied products and services and implemented processes in 12 countries and has become a reference in the commercial vehicle industry, for bus, rail and heavy machinery manufacturers, as well as public transport operators and in the construction sector in continuous flooring. 


Quality, know-how, service excellence and customer proximity are the four words that define Mexa Cover.

Industrial coatings and insulation ready for use.