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Hostalric (Girona) SPAIN

Thermal and acoustic insulation.

Technical coverings.

En Mexa Cover we are specialists in thermal and acoustic insulation. From our headquarters in Hostalric, we have professionals with extensive experience in the sector. In addition, we have the advanced technology to cover the market. 


En Mexa Cover we offer a wide range of water and solvent based products, based on saving time, easy implementation and extending the useful life of vehicles; due to our knowledge of the production processes of motor vehicles 


What are we experts in?


  • Underbody area
  • Underbody area
  • Engine compartment
  • Rear bulkhead
  • Interior (passenger area)
  • Luggage and doors (rear and side)



Protective coatings: prevent corrosion and wear, protect components against mechanicaldamage and help to extend the life of vehicles.


The company, which is continuously improving and creating new products, has launched a NEW high-performance water-based coating that is resistant to extreme climates, frost, desert areas
and excessive salinity.

Your team of experts in industrial coatings and insulations


Mexa Cover's thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for protection and comfort are designed to improve customer productivity, reduce operator maintenance and increase user safety and comfort.


What are we experts in?


  • Engine compartment
  • Rear bulkhead
  • Covers or hatches
  • Rear bench (rear engines)
  • Bulkheads with hatches (complete set)
  • Passenger area
  • Trim area
  • Luggage and doors (rear and side)

Thermal insulation: "High temperature resistance, protecting mechanical and electrical elements near heat sources and avoids radiation reflecting systems. High comfort in the driver and passenger cabin area".

Mexa Cover can supply the products ready for assembly in kits, with the geometric shape according to the customer's needs or in standard format (roll or sheets).


We work with and perfectly know the supporting materials such as wood, composites, polyester, metal, aluminium. Mexa Cover also manufactures contact adhesives (water and solvent based) which are used to guarantee adhesion between substrates.


Mexa Cover At Mexa Cover we are specialists in simplifying the work of our clients, thanks to standardized systems, guaranteeing low acoustic and thermal levels. 

Mexa Cover aislamiento acustico Mexa Cover aislamiento

Effective solutions for technical and acoustic insulation.

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