Customer support from our technical office.

Technical Office

Mexa Cover we offer our clients optimal solutions in industrial coatings. We design, manufacture and market all types of paints and materials with the aim of guaranteeing the comfort and protection of industrial transport operators and heavy machinery. We have a highly qualified and experienced technical team. 

Within its common functions it develops thermal and acoustic pre-audits, as well as post-audits; at the client's premises; to demonstrate the remarkable improvement of Mexa Cover's systems and products, providing its clients with neutral numerical tests with the fulfilment of the previously set objectives.


If customers do not have specialized equipment, Mexa Cover takes on the challenge of becoming their ally, which guarantees cost and time savings, as well as having a professional team specialized in transport, industrial vehicles, and heavy machinery.

The Technical Office designs parts, modules and develops efficient and easy to install systems, adapting to the needs of each client.

Mexa Cover guarantees maximum comfort and protection, thanks to the development of ptimized systems with 2D-3D design programs and state-of-the-art measuring tools, which allow us to standardize and ensure repeatability.

As well as the integration of improvement models, effective non-conformity systems and tooling to minimize error, increase quality, service and customer satisfaction.

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